Playing with colours - first powerful and impassionate then peaceful and dreamful.
Catch nature to take home or give colour the range for emotions and look what they tell individually.
That´s the way how very different paintings develop for different people.
Let´s keep a bit of childish curiosity.

Already at school I felt the fascination of colour.
Most times I paint with acrylic and work on different papers to put into a frame with glass or I use wood or canvas.

You plan an exhibition and search for artists? It will be a pleasure to exhibit with you. I can make suggestions for further artists or authors for a common exhibition and program.

Enjoy looking at my pictures and perhaps you´ll find your painting, wherefore you´ve the right place or you would like to give to a special person.

I translated the most important things but sorry for not translating anything. Don´t hesitate to contact me if there´s anything you´d like to know.

I´m looking forward to your phone call or message.

Stefanie Vier